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Last updated: April 2st, 2024

These Terms of Use set forth the terms and conditions for Your access to and use of the BariLifestyle Application, videos, articles, training programs and Website and any content contained therein (“the Services”).

By using the Services you confirm you have read and accepted the Terms of Use, including the disclaimers below:


  1. BariLifestyle reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change, add or remove portions of this Agreement at any time. If it does so, such changes will be posted on the Website. Any changes to this Agreement will be effective immediately upon posting to the Website. Your use of the Services after such any such change is posted will be deemed to be your acceptance of the change.
  1. You agree to be bound by the following rules which are important for the proper operation of the Services. Your failure to follow such rules, whether listed below or in subsequent modifications to this Agreement, may result in termination of your access to and right to use the Services.
  1. You agree not to use the App in any way that: is unlawful, illegal or unauthorized; is defamatory of any other person; is obscene or offensive; promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age; infringes any copyright, database right or trade mark of any other person; is likely to harass, upset, embarrass, alarm or annoy any other person; is likely to disrupt our service in any way; or advocates, promotes or assists any unlawful act such as (by way of example only) copyright infringement or computer misuse.
  1. You are encouraged to periodically visit this page to review the most current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by which you are bound by using any of the Services. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not use any of the BariLifestyle Services.
  1. Your privacy is important to us. Do not share with others your password or let your subscription be used by anyone except yourself. While subscribing to any of our Services, you will be required to provide your e-mail address and other personal information, which will be handled in accordance with ours. We reserve the right to send you occasional professional content/updates/news about our Services. You have the right to remove yourself from our mailing list at any time by sending a removal request to
  1. When subscribing to our Services, we collect certain information about you, including personally identifiable information, as well as information about your use of the Service. The information will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By using the Services, you confirm you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy, as well as the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


As a condition of your use of the Services, you agree to the foregoing and you represent and warrant that:

  1. You have reached the age of 18.
  1. You are able to create a binding legal obligation and that you have a bank account and/or payment method under your name.
  1. You are not barred from receiving products or services under applicable law.
  1. You have the right to provide any and all information you submit to BariLifestyle, and all such information is accurate, true, current, and complete, including, but not limited to your name, date of birth, payment information, ID, and email address.
  1. You will update and correct information you have submitted to BariLifestyle and ensure that it is accurate at all times (out-of-date or false information will invalidate your account).
  1. You represent and warrant that are no restrictions, limitations, contractual or statutory obligations or restrictions or any other factor whatsoever which prevents or restricts from using the Services and/or providing us with information for the purpose of the Services.
  1. The information given by the application is for general guidance on matters of interest only. Even if the company takes every precaution to ensure that the content of the application is both current and accurate, errors can occur. Plus, given the changing nature of laws, rules and regulations, there may be delays, omissions or inaccuracies in the information contained on the application.
  1. The company is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information.


  1. The service is usually available Sunday to Thursday 9:00 till 18:00, 5 days a week. However, we retain the right to make the service unavailable from time to time for any reason. You agree that company shall not be liable for any damages arising from any interruption, suspension, or unavailability of the service, regardless of the cause.
  1. To use certain features of the service, you may be required to download and/or install certain plug-ins or other software applications. We do not endorse any of these plug-ins or other software applications, we make no representation regarding the quality thereof and we expressly disclaim any responsibility or liability for any plug-ins or other software applications, whether or not linked or accessed through the Service.
  1. We make no representations or warranties as to the service or any information provided in or through the service and we specifically disclaim warranties of non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose. The service and the information provided in or through the service are provided AS IS and AS AVAILABLE without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. We reserve the right to add, delete, change, improve, update, or otherwise modify the information in or through the service without notice. We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of the service. The material accessed in or through the service does not, and is not meant to, constitute medical advice, and should not be relied upon for health care or any other purpose.
  1. BariLifestyle takes any reasonable effort to maintain the availability and quality of the services in accordance with these Terms of Use, but BariLifestyle does not guarantee the quality and availability of the services. You agree and acknowledge that your reliance on the services is your responsibility.
  1. The App is intended to provide general information only and, as such, should not be considered as a substitute for advice covering any specific situation. You should seek appropriate advice before taking or refraining from taking any action in reliance on any information contained in the App. THE APP IS IN NO WAY TO BE CONSIDERED OR USED AS A REPLACEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL Health workout advice from a certified person.
  1. The service may contain views and opinions which are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other author, agency, organization, employer, or company, including the company.
  1. Comments published by users are their sole responsibility and the users will take full responsibility, liability and blame for any libel or litigation that results from something written in or as a direct result of something written in a comment. The company is not liable for any comment published by users and reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever.
  1. The company reserve the right to delete, remove posts, stories, remarks or feedback given by the users without notice at any time.
  1. To monetize and pay for the operation of the application, the company may receive compensation (either monetarily or through free products or services) for reviews, or endorsement of a particular company, product, or service.
  1. The company remains independent, and reviews are done based on the company’s own opinions regardless the compensation that can be received.
  1. In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s policy of the United States, articles which contain a company, products or services, review for which a compensation has been received, will include a disclaimer.
  1. BariLifestyle, as well as any other authors, reviewers, editors, and publishers that have contributed to the services, have made extensive efforts to ensure that the information in the services is accurate and conforms to practical standards. However, constant changes in information resulting from continuing research and clinical experience, reasonable differences in opinion among authorities, unique aspects of individual situations, and the possibilities of human error in preparing such an extensive publication require the user exercise individual judgment when making a clinical decision and, if necessary, consult and compare information from other sources.
  1. The services contain Social, health, wellness, lifestyle, fitness information and features designed for educational or instructional purposes only. You should not rely on any information presented in the services as a substitute for professional medical advice, or treatment.
  1. The services also include a variety of fitness training programs for self-use. The use of the fitness training programs shall be solely at your own risk. BARILIFESTYLE SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE TO ANY INJURY OR DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOU OR ANYNOE ELSE WHILE USING THE TRAINING PROGRAM. The training programs in the services are general and are not intended as a personal prescription and do not substitute the advice of a personal qualified trainer. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting any fitness program or modifying your nutrition habits. Anyone experiencing pain as a result of activity, should stop doing exercises and seek the immediate advice of a qualified medical professional.
  1. To understand the factors underlying the creation of various physical and pathological defects, it is important to remember that human body is the product of a whole conglomeration of factors. Comprehensive and reliable diagnosis of all movement and behaviors characteristics is a complex process that facilitates the identification of the sources of problems and their nature and therefore, the diagnosis should only be performed by a person with broad professional training who specializes in diagnosing and treating. Diagnosis, treatment, or trainings without suitable professional training may lead to incorrect conclusions in the diagnosis and in your wellbeing processes
  1. Physical activity and exercise have the potential to result in serious injury. The use of any information, features, or any kind of content provided in the services is solely at your own risk. BariLifestyle, as well as any of its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, contributors, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, or assigns, assume no responsibility for injuries or any other kind of damage suffered while using the services.
  1. All information in the application is provided “as is”, with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness or of the results obtained from the use of this information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to warranties of performance, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.
  1. The company will not be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information given by the application or for any consequential, special, or similar damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.


  1. In order to have access to the Services, you must first select the type of subscription. Unauthorized access to the Services is strictly prohibited. Unless your subscription is a free Subscription, we will charge you a standard periodic — annual/monthly, or 3-year fee for the right to access and use the Service, depending on the type of license and subscription you select.
  1. Unless your subscription is a free Subscription, you will be required to pay via Google store of Apple store when you sign up. Credit card transactions may be processed by an outside vendor, which will retain your information in order to process your payment of fees for renewals. All payments should be made in accordance to the terms of such outside vendor, and BariLifestyle shall have no responsibility regarding any issue that may arise from your use of such outside vendor service. BariLifestyle does not have access to your credit card or any other payment method information you provide when subscribing to our services.
  1. Unless your subscription is a free Subscription, your subscription will be automatically renewed for a similar subscription period, and your credit card will be charged the then-current fee for such period unless you terminate your subscription prior to the renewal date. You can terminate your subscription at any time, but you will not be entitled to any refund of any fee paid for the current period. We reserve the right to change our fees at any time for any reason, but, whenever possible, we will give you at least one month’s advance notice of such change.
  1. You may change your subscription at any time. We reserve the right to modify, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Services, or to impose limits on certain content or features in the Services, or restrict your access to all or part of the Services at any time without notice or refund. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE PROVISIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT OR ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH THE SERVICE, YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY IS TO TERMINATE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.


  1. All information, videos, features, data, text, images, drawings, graphics, source code, object code, databases, programs, ideas, concepts and other content provided in or through the Services is the property of BariLifestyle, or its licensors and are protected by copyright, trademark, patent, design and other intellectual property laws (“BariLifestyle IP”). You must not, in any way, modify, move, add to, delete or otherwise tamper with BariLifestyle IP, nor publish, reproduce, republish, create derivative works, copy, upload, post, transmit, distribute, or otherwise use any part of BariLifestyle IP other than explicitly specified in these Terms of Use and the subscription you have purchased, unless receiving BariLifestyle’s prior written consent.
  1. You are prohibited from making any commercial use of any part of the Services and BariLifestyle IP, unless you have purchased a subscription that explicitly allows commercial use or obtaining written permission from BariLifestyle and only to the extent such commercial use is allowed under such subscription or written permission.
  1. BARILIFESTYLE and associated logos and designs are trademarks of BariLifestyle (“BariLifestyle Trademarks”). You may not remove any of BariLifestyle Trademarks when using any of the Services without the prior written permission of BariLifestyle. You may not use BariLifestyle Trademarks in a manner that suggests you are an agent, employee, affiliate or otherwise associated with BariLifestyle.


When using the Services, you may not use any part of the Services for personal or financial gain without our written permission, with the exception of specific Services for:

  1. Copy, reproduce, distribute, license, or sell the material on the Service (including screenshots) without our written permission.
  1. Framing, linking, republication, or redistribution is prohibited, reproduction, modification, or copy the material.
  1. Sell, rent or sub-license any of the Services or any part thereof;
  1. Remove any copyright/LOGOs or other proprietary notations from the materials; or “mirror” the materials on any other form.
  1. Share any content included in the Services on social media without BariLifestyle written permission.
  1. Present yourself as an agent, affiliate, employee of BariLifestyle, or otherwise associated with or acting on behalf of BariLifestyle.
  1. Use the Services to commit a crime, or to plan, encourage or help others commit a crime, including crimes relating to computers.
  1. BariLifestyle reserves the right to terminate your use of the Service by disabling your access to the Service immediately without notice if BariLifestyle, in its sole discretion, determines that your use of the Services does not comply with this Agreement, or violates any local, state, national or international laws, or interferes with others use of the Service, or adversely affects operations of the Services, or if BariLifestyle or its providers are unable to process the payment of your subscription fee.


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold BariLifestyle unaccountable, as well as its partners and affiliates, together with their respective employees, agents, directors, officers, and shareholders, against all liabilities, claims, damages, and or expenses, notwithstanding attorney fees and costs, arising from Your use of the Services.


  1. No waiver by BariLifestyle of your breach or default under this Agreement shall be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach or default.
  1. If any part of this Agreement is found void and unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the balance of the Agreement, which shall remain valid and enforceable according to its terms.
  1. This Agreement represents the entire understanding between you and BariLifestyle regarding the Services and supersedes any prior statements or representations.

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