Empowering the Bariatric Community Worldwide

Join the world’s first Bariatric and Overweight social wellbeing community application on the marketplace.

The ultimate Bariatric & Overweight wellbeing apps for you with our rich content and best practice you will find.

All About Barilifestyle

BariLifestyle makes a difference for the bariatric community and for people that suffer from being overweight.

BariLifestyle is a unique wellbeing application on the market, a powerful solution connecting the bariatric community with health and fitness professionals around the world. Empower and enable the community with unique and revolutionary user-centric features, making information affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere and anytime.


The best services only found on our app

Listed are just some of the great features of the application that we offer to all users.

Large Community

Be part of our community. Connect with others with similar goals and get tips and tricks from those who are going through a similar process to your own.

Push Notifications

Never miss an update, or major activities, with our timely notification system to set up and remind you.

Weight Loss Tracker

Our Weight Loss Tracker will help you monitor your weight loss progress and help you manage your weight loss goals.


No longer miss taking your pills or vitamins on time, with our timely notification system you can be sure you are in control.

Food and Water Intake Monitoring

Counting water and calories is important to make sure you get on track after bariatric surgery. We offer you a service to record your water and food and monitor your consumption – knowledge is power!

Workout Plans

Fitness is important for ensuring successful progress after bariatric surgery. Different workout plans depending on different factors will help you maintain your well-being progression. You can select one of the available designs from our wide range of choices

Easy to handle.

A clear, user-friendly design is available by default. The BariLifestyle app is pioneering in concept and design

It’s all about Wellness

BariLifestyle as it should be – whether you’re on vacation, on business or even at home. You can easily access your information on your smartphone, where and when you need it. You can easily switch between weight, training schedule, social activities and health calculators.

Exercise for your health

No training equipment necessary. Whether you are on holiday, on a business trip or even at home, you can maintain your fitness activities. Your health data is presented clearly and in full using progress graphs, tables with measured values and the practical log function.

Enjoy your freedom

Enjoy the best experience in settings wellness and healthy behavior using BariLifestyle app to connect with the bariatric community and share your updates, progress and experience for the benefit of all. Your activities, achievements and your results will be automatically tracked on your application.

Some Screenshots

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